MyLand hosts webinar to highlight the importance of soil health in optimal pistachio growing, featuring Justin Wylie of Wylie Farms and Amy Rial of MyLand

MyLand, a soil health company, today announced the release of an exclusive on-demand webinar titled “Soil Grows Success: Elevating Pistachio Farming through Improved Soil Health.” Insights from the webinar shed light on the powerful impact of prioritizing healthier soil on enhancing profitability for pistachio growers, while concurrently improving tree health and minimizing costly chemical inputs.

Webinar participants will gain valuable insights into:

  • Sustainable Farming Practices: Methods to reduce dependencies on inputs, maintain crop quality and production, and avoid setbacks when modifying growing practices.
  • Water Savings and Stress Reduction: How improved soil health reduces tree stress and saves water.
  • Soil Health Secrets: The critical importance of microbial abundance and microalgae’s role in the soil food web.
  • Overcoming Challenges: How Justin navigates challenges in production and quality while moving towards a more holistic approach to farming.
  • Real-Life Experiences: Firsthand stories from Justin’s journey through flood impacts and tree recovery from phytophthora.
  • Next Generation Farming: The parallels between human health and farming practices and the shift towards profitability and resilience embraced by the younger generation in farming.

The webinar brings together two industry experts to share their expertise and experiences in the field: Justin Wylie, with over 15 years of agriculture experience as a Pistachio Grower, Farm Manager of Wylie Farms, and American Pistachio Growers Board Vice Chair; and Amy Rial, who has 10 years of experience in agriculture as an agronomist, CCA, and MyLand’s Senior Agriculture Researcher. JCS’ MyAgLife co-hosts the free webinar alongside MyLand.

“When you start to increase soil health, your trees will need less water,” said Justin during the webinar. “My goal has been to not experience any sort of drop off in production and quality, and I think we’ve been pretty successful.” Justin shares more of his shift towards healthier soil and sustainable agriculture in the candid webinar.

MyLand is committed to providing resources and support to farmers worldwide, empowering them to improve their soil health, adopt sustainable farming practices, and drive profitability. With a focus on innovation and education, the company strives to build a more sustainable future for agriculture.

“We’re proud to partner with Justin to offer this valuable resource to pistachio growers and agricultural professionals,” said Amy. “Through this webinar, participants will gain actionable insights to enhance their farming practices, build critical life back into their soil, and drive profitability.”

The on-demand webinar is available now for viewing. View the Soil Grows Success Webinar.

Meet The Speakers

Justin Wylie is a fifth-generation farmer and partner at Wylie Farms, a family business specializing in regenerative farm management of pistachios, almonds, and citrus. Justin also serves on the American Pistachio Growers sustainability committee. In the webinar, Justin will share valuable insights and real-life experiences from his journey in pistachio farming.

Amy Rial is an agronomist and CCA with 10 years in the agricultural industry. At MyLand, Amy assists with research that showcases the success of our growers. She was recently honored on the Fruit & Vegetable 40 Under 40 list.

About MyLand  

MyLand is a soil health company. MyLand’s innovative and patented technology and unique Soil as a Service™ approach allows farmers to easily and rapidly implement regenerative agriculture practices and improve their soil health by harnessing the land’s own native ecosystem, because No Two Farms Are Alike™. MyLand partners with farmers to infuse life into their soil, helping to return farms to their most fertile state, achieving greater productivity and enhanced profitability. By improving soil health, MyLand is helping to tackle two of the world’s biggest challenges: food security and climate disruption. For additional information on how MyLand is transforming soil health globally, visit