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Harness your land's native ecosystem to
rapidly rebuild sustainable soil.

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Unlock your soil's potential to
generate economic returns.

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MyLand is at the forefront of regenerative agriculture

Without change, we have as few as
60 crop cycles remaining.

A Soil Health Company

MyLand, at the center of soil health. MyLand’s innovative and patented technology and unique Soil as a Service approach allows farmers to easily and rapidly implement regenerative agriculture practices and improve their soil health by harnessing the land’s own native ecosystem, because No Two Farms are Alike. Traditional farming practices are rapidly eroding our soil. When soil becomes dirt, we all suffer. At MyLand we use live, native microalgae to improve soil health more rapidly. Through our technology and service, MyLand helps tackle two of the world’s biggest challenges: food security and climate disruption. We partner with growers to create a healthier planet from the ground up — making our food more abundant and nutritious.

Healthy Soil

Healthy Soil

Helps reverse the degradation
from over-farming

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Healthy Food

Healthy Food

Increasing crop yields with higher nutritional values

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Healthy People

Healthy People

Increasing nutrition and reducing chemical inputs

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Healthy Planet

Healthy Planet

Helps restore soil to capture carbon & reduce climate change


Unlock Your Land's Natural Potential

MyLand is at the forefront of regenerative agriculture. Our farmer focused service is paired with our innovative systems, that have resulted in increased soil organic matter, water holding capacity, soil aggregation, and carbon storage. By harnessing the land’s native organics, our technology creates a foundation to achieve greater productivity, increased economic security and enhanced profitability. With no upfront costs growers can transition to regenerative agriculture faster and easier than ever before.




Crop Values


Input Costs


Land Values


Potential Revenue
From Carbon Capture

Harnessing your own natural ecosystem to drive new value into your land.

It's Native

It's Native

Microalgae, present in all soil, is taken directly from your farm, ensuring that it’s already adapted to the land’s natural environment and local growing conditions.

It's Living

It's Living

Delivering microalgae in living form provides an expanding source of rich nutrients that rapidly improves and increases organic content and overall soil health.

It's Yours

It's Yours

It’s your farm and your microalgae. We’re simply replicating it so you can harness the untapped power that’s already there, improving your production and increasing your land’s value.

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MyLand hosts webinar to highlight the importance of soil health in optimal pistachio growing, featuring Justin Wylie of Wylie Farms and Amy Rial of MyLand

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MyLand Adds Mike LaMont as Senior Director, Algae Operations & Innovation

MyLand, a soil health company, announced that Mike LaMont has joined the company as Senior Director, Algae Operations & Innovation. With nearly three decades of excellence in biotechnology and algae innovation, LaMont will play a pivotal role in enhancing MyLand’s operations.

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MyLand Welcomes Lucy Mailloux as Director, Talent & Human Resources

MyLand, a soil health company, today announced that Lucy Mailloux has joined the company’s leadership team as Director, Talent & Human Resources to oversee human resources initiatives that support the company’s growth and its employees’ professional development.

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