Building strength beneath the surface

MyLand's disruptive technology precisely selects and harnesses your land's living, native soil microalgae to stimulate sustainable, proven soil health.

Why MyLand

Native soil microalgae

It's Native

Algae is taken directly from your farm, ensuring that it’s adapted to the land’s natural environment and local growing conditions.

proven soil health

It's Living

Delivering algae in its living form provides an expanding source of rich nutrients that improves and increases organic content.

Farm Land with Healthy Soil

It's Yours

It’s your farm and your algae. We’re simply replicating it so you can harness the untapped power that’s already there.

Harness your own natural ecosystem to drive new value into your land is a potential game changer for your farm and discovering its hidden value.

Unlock Your Land's Potential

Time to consider an alternative and sustainable approach to traditional crop nutrition and protection.

Improve Soil
Porosity / Aggregation


Increase Soil
Microbial Population


Increase Soil
Organic Matter


Marvin John | Buckeye, Arizona

Before MyLand we were getting 1 to 1.25 tons per cutting in the early season and only .75 ton in the summer months. Now we’re experiencing up to 2 tons in the early season and 1.5 to 1.8 through the rest of the year. The evidence is there…we’re pleased with MyLand and the algae program—we’re going to stay with them. We’re grateful to have them.

MyLand is at the crossroads as a major break-through in agricultural technology.

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