Unlock Your Land's Natural Potential

Our entire focus is to ensure soil health by harnessing the land’s native organics, laying the foundation for them to experience greater productivity, increased economic security, and increased profitability.

Healthy Soil

Healthy Soil

Helps reverse the degradation
from over-farming

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Healthy Food

Healthy Food

Increasing crop yields with higher nutritional values

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Healthy People

Healthy People

Increasing nutrition and reducing chemical inputs

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Healthy Planet

Healthy Planet

Helps restore soil to capture carbon & reduce climate change

Our Leadership

Dane Hague, Co-Founder.

Dane Hague

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Peter Williams, Chief Executive Officer

Peter Williams


Bob Thompson

Bob Thompson

Co-Founder, Chairman

Sascha Welz

Sascha Welz, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Kristine Nichols, Principal Scientist

Kristine Nichols, PhD

Principal Scientist / Research Director

Andrew Ayers, Co-Founder, Director of Microalgae Impact

Andrew Ayers

Co-Founder, Director of Microalgae Impact

Jonah Parker, Vice President, Operational Planning

Jonah Parker

Vice President, Grower Relations

Shelley Baugh, Vice President Marketing and Culture

Shelley Baugh

Vice President, Marketing & Culture

Matt Kessel, Vice President, Operations and Environmental Health & Safety

Matt Kessel

Vice President, Operations and Environmental Health & Safety

Elizabeth Kucinich, Vice President, Industry & Government Affairs

Elizabeth Kucinich

Vice President, Industry & Government Affairs

Kelin Kozlowski

Kelin Kozlowski

Senior Director, Financing & Accounting

Karen Gonzalez, People and Culture Manager

Karen Gonzalez

Manager, People & Culture

Dave Sampson, Director, Manufacturing

Dave Sampson

Director, Manufacturing

Amy Rial, Senior Regenerative Agriculture and Data Analysis Manager

Amy Rial

Senior Manager,
Regenerative Agriculture & Data Analysis

Colton at MyLand

Colton Skavicus

Manager, Algae Production & Development

Board & Advisors

Dane Hague

Co-Founder, President

Bob Thompson

Co-Founder, Chairman

Bill Buckner

Cargill, Retired

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News & Events

Reimagining Soil as a Service

December 4, 2022 – MyLand Company, Inc. (“MyLand”), a soil health company, Principal Scientist / Research Director, Dr. Kris Nichols recently hosted Dr. James White, Rutgers University, in a World Soil Day tribute webinar entitled, “Soil as a Service”.

If you’ve watched Kiss the Ground, a documentary that delves into the solutions the soil holds for the future of our planet, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Dr. Kris Nichols.

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MyLand Company Completes $12M First Closing of Series B Funding to Advance Scale-up of Soil as a Service in Key Regions

November 21, 2022 – MyLand Company Inc. (“MyLand”), a soil health company, announced today the recent successful first closing of its Series B financing round led by The Borden Family Trust and Waterpoint Lane. The new $12M investment will fuel MyLand’s growth, enabling the expansion of its footprint and the strengthening of its innovation activities.

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MyLand Offers Free Education Webinars Promoting Soil as a Service

MAY 26, 2022 – MyLand Company, LLC (“MyLand), a company dedicated to the advancement of soil health and regenerative agriculture will hold two free educational webinars on November 17th and 29th at 9 a.m. PST to promote the perspective of Soil as a Service. This new paradigm of soil health will help growers to better understand and enhance the natural capabilities of their soils. 

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