MAY 26, 2022 PHOENIX, AZ — MyLand Company, LLC (“MyLand), a company dedicated to the advancement of soil health and regenerative agriculture will hold two free educational webinars on November 17th and 29th at 9 a.m. PST to promote the perspective of Soil as a Service. This new paradigm of soil health will help growers to better understand and enhance the natural capabilities of their soils. 

The free webinar opportunities will feature preeminent regenerative agriculture thought leaders. Both webinars will be hosted by Dr. Kris Nichols, Research Director, MyLand and Kiss the Ground documentary co-star. 

On November 17th, Dr. James White, Rutgers University will share his research and insight on the role plants play in producing the exudates needed to meet the plant’s growth and yield needs. 

Discovered in Australia over a decade ago, Dr. White and his team continue to investigate and research the Rhizophagy Cycle and its effects on plant health and performance. Key learnings from White and his team have helped the modern regenerative agriculture industry to better understand the symbiosis between crops, soils, and microbes. 

On November 29th, Kris will visit with Drs. Liz and Rick Haney and Lance Gunderson, founder of Regen Ag Lab to learn about the measurement of biological activity in soil and what it means for the success of crops. 

The Haneys and Gunderson will provide an in-depth look at the Haney Soil Test, from sampling and reading to real-world application of the knowledge provided by the testing. 

To learn more about this webinar series and to register for one or both, visit