Planting seeds for the future: MyLand expands support for growers in Texas, California, and Washington

May 9, 2024 — Phoenix, Arizona — MyLand, a soil health company, today announced it has hired Landon Gheer and Gilbert (Gil) Rodriguez as its new Directors, Grower Relations to enhance the company’s support for its increasing number of growers across Texas, California, and Washington State.

Gheer will partner with MyLand’s valued growers throughout Texas, while Rodriguez will join the California team in support of the company’s growers across the state and the Pacific Northwest. They both report to Dave Booher, MyLand’s Senior Vice President, Sales.

“Landon and Gil will be valuable additions to our team and for our growers across Texas and California,” said Booher. “With more growers turning to MyLand to support their soil health, we remain committed to our promise of Exceptional Service. Landon and Gil will help ensure that our growers receive the best service in the industry.”

The Directors, Grower Relations at MyLand are primarily focused on building and expanding relationships with current growers, potential new customers, and industry leaders to drive the growth of the organization. Their efforts will ensure MyLand’s commitment to Exceptional Service is achieved, and they will act as the voice of the customer within the organization, ensuring continuous optimization of the MyLand Service.

“At MyLand, our primary focus is on the grower and their success,” said Landon. “I’m driven to make a difference for our growers and our larger community, and it’s important to me to leave things better than I found them. When I set foot on a farm, my goal is to leave that grower and their farm in a better position.”

Gheer graduated from Iowa State University with a Master of Science, Agronomy and Crop Science and has a Bachelor of Science in Agronomy and Crop Science from West Texas A&M University. He has over 20 years of experience in agronomy and sales.

“MyLand’s innovative technology is elevating traditional farming practices across the industry,” said Rodriguez. “I’m excited to work for a company that starts with the foundation: the soil. We’re helping growers’ harness and multiply the biology that already lives within their soil, while generating positive downstream effects for our food, community, and planet.”

Rodriguez graduated from Fresno State University, Jordan College of Agriculture with a bachelor’s degree in Crop Science & Plant Health Nutrition. He has nine years of experience in agronomy and sales.

Gheer can be reached at [email protected] and Rodriguez can be reached at [email protected].

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