$8.5 million in financing to date will support deployment of MyLand’s innovative and patented soil health systems in the Southwest U.S. market

February 15, 2021 – Phoenix, AZ: MyLand Company, LLC (“MyLand”) a leader in soil health and regenerative agriculture announced today that the company has successfully closed its equity round of financing, bringing the total raised to date to $8.5 million. The round was led by a group of agriculture industry executives and also includes farmers that are using the MyLand System.  Bill Buckner, a retired executive from Cargill will be joining the MyLand Board of Directors.

After several years of focused product development and real-world proof of concept in the field, the funds raised in this round will facilitate the deployment of MyLand’s patented technology and soil health systems on farming operations primarily in the Southwest United States, including California, Arizona and Texas.

“This round of capital will help us deliver Systems to large-scale growers as well as expand our sales and marketing efforts as we build a strong pipeline of demand for our technology” said Peter Williams, MyLand’s CEO.  “We have already begun the next, much larger institutional equity capital raise, which we anticipate closing in the second quarter of the year and are already seeing significant demand.  Investors, especially those focused on environmental impact, decarbonization and sustainable agriculture are quickly realizing the enormous opportunity in soil health and regenerative agriculture.  MyLand’s solution allows farmers to rapidly and easily implement regenerative agriculture in a highly scalable manner.”

MyLand’s unique Soil-as-a-Service (SaaS) model allows MyLand to remotely operate and manage the Systems, while the farmer enjoys the economic benefits of implementing regenerative agriculture in a simple manner.  Given the tremendous long-term value of being physically and remotely connected to the grower’s operations, with manufacturing on-farm, MyLand’s goal is to deploy capital to rapidly expand its installed base of Systems regionally, nationally and globally.  “We want to become the center of gravity for soil health and scalable regenerative agriculture.  Our installed base of MyLand Systems provides us a unique platform to expand into complementary products and services focused on soil health, regenerative agriculture, decarbonization, and water efficiency,” said Williams.

About MyLand  

MyLand is a soil health company.  By focusing on soil health, Myland is helping to tackle two of the world’s biggest challenges: food security and climate disruption.  MyLand’s innovative and patented technology allows farmers to easily implement regenerative agriculture practices.  The company extracts native microalgae cells directly from the farm’s soil, rapidly reproduces them in mass quantities on site, and delivers them alive back into the soil where they continue to multiply, creating the foundation for healthy soil.  By harnessing the land’s native organics, the technology creates a foundation for growers to achieve greater productivity, increased economic security, and enhanced profitability. With no upfront costs growers can transition to regenerative agriculture faster and easier than ever before.