Soil as a Service Webinar Series

Soil as a Service: it’s a new paradigm for an age-old capability. Before synthetic fertilizers and the plow, soil functioned as an ecosystem, creating microbiomes within a plant’s rhizosphere to foster symbiosis.

Soil Health Testing

Dr. Liz Haney, Co-Owner of Soil Regen, and Dr. Rick Haney, Inventor of the Haney Soil Health Test, connect with MyLand’s Dr. Kris Nichols on the topic of soil health testing. We take an in-depth look at the Haney Soil Test, from sampling and reading to the real-world application of the knowledge provided by the testing.

Farming Microbes

We revisit the ability of soil to supply the nutrients plants need to reach their genetic potential. Dr. James White, Rutgers University, joined by Dr. Kris Nichols, MyLand Research Director and Kiss the Ground co-star, discuss the role plants play in producing the exudates needed to meet growth needs.

Know Your Biology

Lance Gunderson, founder of Regen Ag Lab, and MyLand’s Dr. Kris Nichols share the importance of knowing and understanding the activity and availability of the biology in agricultural soils.

No matter what crop you grow, if you’re invested in the productivity of your soils and searching for progressive answers to higher yields and reduced inputs, you won’t want to miss these conversations.